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With dozens of listings and beautiful homes of all sizes, locations, and price points, Maine Source will help you find and buy the perfect home for you.

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Ready to sell? With the right analysis, advice, and initiative, our team will sell your home.

We Have Land

Looking for Land? We have lots in Auburn, Lewiston, Buckfield, Leeds and more… Home packages Available.

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We do it all. Maine Source will help find the right home ownership solution for you. With more than 40 years of experience in new home construction and real estate in Maine, our team will help you buy, sell, or build, providing expertise and support at every step along the way.

“It hit me a long time ago. Why not create a business model that’s never been done before?
Why not create an enjoyable home buying or selling experience without all the headaches? There is no better feeling than knowing you have made a difference in a family’s life and that’s why people keep coming back to Maine Source.”

– Bill Turner, Founder Maine Source Homes & Realty

The Maine Source Advantage

What are you looking to do?

  • Sell your current home
  • Buy an existing home for sale
  • Find and buy buildable land
  • Build a new, customized modular home
  • Build a new, manufactured (mobile) home
  • Get advice on lenders, loan options, and your credit score

First Time Home Buyer: Buy, Don’t Rent – You Can Do It!

A renter for 12 years, Samantha G. wanted to become a foster parent and felt apartment living wouldn’t be the most welcoming environment for a child. It was time for a house.

Samantha didn’t think she could buy a home, so she began looking into townhouse rentals. Through her search, she came across an ad from Maine Source Homes & Realty that read….Read More

Hard Work Does Pay Off

Responsible and hardworking, David had always had a job, provided for his family, and paid his bills. He had also always wanted to own a home. But the transition from renting to owning seemed impossible. Obtaining a loan proved complicated and saving up for a down payment, difficult. Discouraged, David wondered why home ownership was not for him…..Read More

Meet Our Agents

Jon Mercier

Designated Broker/ Realtor®

Mark Turner

President, Project Manager Broker/ Realtor®
Dustin Mallar Realtor Maine Source Realty

Dustin Mallar

Broker/ Realtor®

Deb Morin

Associate Broker/ Realtor®
Linda Dupuis

Linda Dupuis

Broker/ Realtor®

Mason Dupuis

Associate Broker/ Realtor
Lindsay Wright - Realtor

Lindsay Wright

Associate Broker/ Realtor®

Malayka Harriman

Sales Agent/ Realtor®

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