For Buyers

Ready to buy a home? Discover the Maine Source home buying difference.

With more than 40 years experience in real estate in Central Maine, our team works one-on-one with clients through every step of the buying process. In helping to find the right home for you, we take the time to understand exactly what you are looking for so we can search out homes with the features and details that are important to you. As your advocate and with your best interests in mind, our goal is to make home buying simple and hassle free.

When you work with Maine Source, you work with every member of the Maine Source team. We are all committed to helping you find the right home-buying solution, providing so much more than what a typical buyers agent could:

  • Credit advice and counseling to help improve poor credit
  • Knowledge of and relationships with local lenders and banks
  • Expertise in a variety of loan options
  • Ability to sell your existing home
  • Ability to find, buy, sell and develop land

Considering New Home Construction?
If you cannot find an existing home on the market that is just exactly what you want, new home construction could be the answer. With Maine Source, building new is more affordable than you might think. Learn more.

“We meet a lot of customers who want to buy their first home but end up leaving the bank just as confused as when they first walked in. At Maine Source, we take the time to educate new buyers about getting a loan and being a homeowner for a stress-free home buying experience. We’re not in the business of making things complicated. We’re in the business of making home buying easy.”

– Bill Turner, Owner and Founder of Maine Source Homes & Realty