Building Green – Commitment to Green Energy & Energy Efficiency

At Maine Source, we make a commitment to energy efficiency in every home we build. It’s important to us. Modular is the smarter, greener future in home construction. All of our homes are Energy Star compliant, receiving an energy efficiency rating of 80 or better. This means you save money on heating costs.

Maine Source building packages offer:

  • High-performance energy efficient homes
  • Geothermal heating and cooling capabilities
  • Insulted concrete form foundations (ICFs)
  • Cool roof panels
  • On demand water heating

Characteristics of all Maine Source homes:

  • Well insulated
  • Fuel efficient heating systems
  • Proper cooling systems
  • Energy efficient hot water systems

Highly engineered construction, consistent quality, efficiency of process and a commitment to energy efficiency delivers an environmentally friendly home with low energy costs. Discover the Maine Source difference.

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