Does your garage look like it was in the path of a Hurricane? Do you walk into it and groan, “OH, no! What a TOTAL mess!” Whether you’re staging your home to sell it—or simply want it to be as clean and clutter-free as possible—here are 10 hacks (tips) for smart garage organization!

Hack #1  . . . Set aside one full day for the project, preferably a Saturday or Sunday.

Hack # 2 . . .
Make it a family affair! Invite all willing family members to contribute muscle and ideas.

Hack #3 . . .
Go through absolutely everything, including boxes you didn’t unpack when you moved in.

Hack # 4 . . . Sort all items into 3 piles. Label the piles “Keepers,” “Sell or Donate,” and “Toss Out.” Put the piles on distinct tarps, or use chalk to mark-off areas in your driveway and place items in the appropriate areas.


Hack # 5 . . .  Be smart about what should go into your “Toss Out” pile. This should include outgrown toys, broken-beyond-repair items, and anything you haven’t used in two years.


Hack # 6 . . .  Take keepsake photos of items that have sentimental value, but which otherwise are just lying around and taking up valuable space.


Hack # 7 . . . Sort the items labeled “Keep” into distinct categories—for example “Hand Tools” or “Athletic Equipment”—and place them together in stackable clear-plastic bins. (But don’t put them back into the garage until you read “Hack #8.)

Hack # 8 . . .
Whenever possible, keep items off the floor and/or stacked by walls. This will free-up a maximum amount of room for your car(s), snowblower, etc.


Hack # 9   . . . Make maximum use of overhead space. Racks on your garage ceiling can be great places to store ladders, seasonal sports equipment, and other items you only use occasionally.


Hack # 10 . . . Consider having a “high school locker” for each member of the family, for each person to use for his or her items.


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