When folks ask us, “Why do you live in Lewiston-Auburn?” we quickly respond, “Because the quality of life is so high, and it has so much to offer!” Just for starters, the unemployment rate and crime rate are significantly below the national average . . . the average commute-to-work time is less . . . and the average price of a nice home is a super-affordable $138,000.

But there are so many OTHER reasons why folks love being here. So we thought we’d list them for you.

Here, in reverse order, are the Top 10 Reasons Why You’ll LOVE Lewiston-Auburn:

Reason # 10 … We have a wonderful ski area—Lost Valley! It is close (right in Auburn), affordable, and perfect for learning, day trips, or night skiing.

Reason # 9 . . . The thriving restaurant/pub scene! In addition to Gritty McDuff’s and Baxter Brewing, Bare Bones Brewing is now open on Lisbon Street. And Fuel, Fishbone’s, Mac’s Grill, and more dish up savory fare for everyone’s taste.

Reason # 8 . . . Downtown Portland. With its vibrant restaurant, arts, live-music, cultural and shopping scene, Maine’s largest city is less than an hour’s drive. If we don’t have it here, you’ll definitely find it there!

Reason # 7 . . . The Androscoggin River, one of America’s greatest environmental clean-up successes. Whether you’re canoeing, kayaking, fishing, or camping, there are great outdoor worlds to enjoy on and by the river!

Reason # 6 . . . Taylor Pond . . . If you want to buy water-front property—yet be only minutes from downtown—Taylor Pond is your destination. Located in the heart of Auburn, it’s your passport to epic views, great swimming and fishing, and so much more.

Reason # 5 . . . Wallingford’s Apple Orchards . . . People travel from all over Maine to enjoy this gem, located on the north side of Auburn. You can pick apples (with an incredible scenic view), enjoy fresh donuts and cider, play games, and more!

Reason # 4 . . . Farms and open space . . . Scenic farms and splendid farmlands grace the landscape in and around Lewiston-Auburn. You can get such things as delicious, fresh corn at Bell Farms—without even leaving the city!

Reason # 3 . . . TWO large, superior-quality hospitals, conveniently nearby. Access to healthcare is never a problem, thanks to the acclaimed Central Maine Medical Center and St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center.

Reason # 2 . . . Fun, family-friendly festivals! . . . The Great Falls Balloon Festival offers more fun than anyone should ever have. And there is also the Great Falls Brewfest (beer festival) and the Dempsey Challenge, Lewiston-born actor Patrick Dempsey’s run, walk, and cycle event to raise funds to battle cancer.

And the #1 Reason why we KNOW you’ll love Lewiston-Auburn is . . .

Affordable real estate! For the price of a two-bedroom apartment in Portland, you can OWN a nice home in Lewiston or Auburn. Do you see now why so many people LOVE being here?


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