Have you always dreamed of living in Maine? Would you love to buy a home in the Lewiston-Auburn area? Do you suspect NOW might be a good time to buy, because of Maine’s strong economy … historic low unemployment rate … and over-all wonderful quality of life?

You’re not alone! And that’s precisely why you might want to buy while you still have the advantage of getting the best-possible deal for yourself and your family. We say this for 3 specific reasons. Let’s take a moment to look at each of these reasons individually . . .

Reasons #1 and #2:
Why You Should Buy a Home in Lewiston-Auburn Now

According to in-depth research conducted by Maine Listings, as just reported by the Portland Press Herald, the availability of nice homes—the exact kind of home you dream of—is trending downward in Maine, due to an uptick in home sales. This means, increasingly, there are fewer and fewer homes for you to choose from as 2018 moves along. And according to the Maine Association of Realtors, that trend promises to continue for at least another couple of years. So steadily-shrinking availability of nice homes is Reason #1 as to why you might not want to procrastinate when buying your house in the Lewiston-Auburn area.

Reason #2 is all about the average price of a house in Maine: It’s rising rapidly and dramatically! In fact, the average price of a single-family house in Maine has risen a full 8.1 percent in just over a year. While that’s good news for those selling a home, it points to higher and higher prices in the near future for those who wait to buy.

A Final BIG Reason to Buy a Home
in Lewiston-Auburn Now

As if ever-decreasing availability of homes and escalating home prices weren’t enough reason to buy now, there’s another huge reason—interest rates. Though no one has a perfect crystal ball, the Wall Street Journal and virtually all leading economists believe interest rates will only RISE in the coming months and years. That means your mortgage payment likely will be significantly higher in the next year or two than it will be if you’re smart and buy now.


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