It’s strange but true: The very unsettling pandemic has created the PERFECT time to sell your house in Maine. All across the state, folks are placing “For Sale” signs on their front yard, because they clearly see a golden opportunity for home sellers. Let’s take 2 minutes to see exactly WHAT they are seeing … why “sell your house NOW” has become such a smart strategy … and why asking Maine Source Homes & Realty to sell your house makes such great sense.

A Spectacular Seller’s Market

Very powerful economic factors catapulted 2020 to near the top of the “All-Time Great Seller’s Years” list. Here’s why: As the pandemic upended our world, sellers decided to play a “waiting game” during such uncertain times. This quickly led to a severely diminished housing inventory throughout Maine. This, in turn, has meant that—for the past several months—demand for houses has greatly exceeded supply, and, therefore, the market is now disproportionately filled with highly motivated buyers.

Surging Home Prices Result

The pandemic has put a hold on many things, but one of them is definitely NOT The Law of Supply and Demand. As housing inventory across Maine plummeted, the price sellers can command has taken off like a rocket. Indeed, the median sales price for a home in Maine is now at a record-high $254,900, up a full 11 percent from just one year earlier. According to data recently released by Maine Listings, a subsidiary of the Maine Association of Realtors™, home sales in Maine have grown by 12.4 percent compared to one year earlier. Two factors are contributing powerfully to this trend: (1.) the surge of sales to out-of-state buyers, up 5.5 percent in one year and (2.) extremely attractive lending/mortgage rates, which remain near historic lows.

Why You Should Turn to Maine Source Homes & Realty

When Bill Turner founded Maine Source Homes & Realty in 1972, he did so by offering customers “The Maine Source Difference.” Like L.L. Bean and other classic organizations founded on rock-solid Maine customer-service values, Bill’s core idea was: Why not create an enjoyable home buying or selling experience without all the headaches?

Today, that’s exactly what you get from Maine Source Homes & Realty, whenever you wish to buy or sell your home. In today’s topsy-turvy world, you’ll get the exact analysis, advice, and initiative you need to sell your house. Working with one of our agents, you’ll benefit from market-smart pricing and the other specific guidance you need to prepare your house for sale—and make your listing stand out.

There is an exploding home seller’s market in Maine right now. Contact us today to take advantage of it!

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