The other day, someone asked us, “What is Maine Source Homes & Realty thankful for?” It was an interesting and very DIFFERENT Thanksgiving-season question. We tend to think of gratitude and giving thanks as individual things. But groups of people working together actually have excellent reasons to be COLLECTIVELY thankful, too.

Here are Maine Source Homes & Realty’s Top 3 reasons:

Our Customers

In the 47 years we’ve been serving the Lewiston-Auburn area, many of our customers have proven to be the kindest, best-hearted people we’ve ever met. Our company history has been like a cherished scrapbook you take from the bureau now and then—filled with memories of all the unforgettable Mainers (and brand-new Mainers) seeking to buy, sell, or build a home in this very special part of Maine.

Our Employees

Our newest employee is Zach Caldwell, sales agent and realtor®, who—as the Lewiston Sun just reported—served our country as an Army sergeant in Afghanistan. Zach’s devotion to serving others makes him fit right in with the other outstanding members of our team—Jon Mercier, Mark Turner, Toni Ferraro, Deb Morin, Brandon Caruso, and Regina Ritchie. We give thanks every day—and especially during the Thanksgiving season—to be blessed with such a talented team of professionals.

We could continue to sing our team’s praises, but one of our customers, Jamie, actually said it best: “We always know Maine Source Homes will go the extra mile for us,” she said. “When you are their customer, Maine Source always has your back.”

Our Community

How many areas are wonderful for young and middle-aged people who enjoy a certain “Hip Factor” in their community … and equally wonderful for retirees? That—in a nutshell—is what makes the Lewiston-Auburn area so incredibly special, and why we’re so thankful for it.

The Boston Globe praised Lewiston-Auburn as now being “artsier, hipper, and more attractive to visitors, with a first-rate art museum, world-class dance, and interesting music, theater, and restaurants.”  Meanwhile, Forbes magazine listed Lewiston-Auburn among the “Top 25 Places to Retire in the United States.”

So ours is a community ANYONE would be proud of. Do you see now why Maine Source Homes & Realty is so thankful at Thanksgiving? 

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