Is there anything more “splashy fun” than a swimming pool in your own backyard? Not likely! But before you install your swimming pool and make that beach-balls-and-bathing-suits dream come true, be sure to take these 3 important steps:

Make Sure You Get Good Value

Let’s face it: a swimming pool is tons o’ fun, but it’s also a serious property investment. So make sure you do some intensive pricing/value research upfront. Jump online and use sites like,, and to assist your research. Complement this by asking questions of people you know who have swimming pools. If you don’t take these important steps, you could end up overpaying, buying a swimming pool that demands more maintenance than you’d prefer, or hiring the wrong contractor(s) for the job.

Another very important thing: Don’t just consider the initial cost of your swimming pool, consider also the long-term cost. To cite one specific example, recent research reveals that the cost of maintaining a fiberglass swimming pool for 10 years will add about $4,000 to your over-all costs.

Factor in the Installation Time

Everything worth having takes time—and a swimming pool is no exception. Depending on the type of pool, its size, the number of contractors involved, etc., installation time varies pretty dramatically. For example, the typical fiberglass swimming pool will take 3 to 6 weeks to install, while a concrete pool will take significantly longer. Why? Because concrete has to be fully cured before pool construction is finished, and that usually takes a minimum of 28 days.

Don’t Forget the Landscaping

Here in Maine, our summers are wonderful—but it’s a SHORT wonderful. That’s why you probably don’t want just a swimming pool, you want a kind of “outdoor oasis” that will let you derive every ounce of enjoyment while days are warm.

So be sure to think about landscaping. And do it up-front, while you’re contemplating swimming pool design and construction/installation.

Ask yourself: Do I want a swimming pool patio? Beautiful flowers nearby? A fence partitioning the area? Outdoor lighting?

By considering these things, you’ll be helping your “backyard oasis” come magically to life!


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