Here at Maine Source Homes & Realty, people ask us interesting questions all the time. One we often get around Thanksgiving – and have ESPECIALLY during this pandemic – is “What is Maine Source Homes & Realty thankful for?” We love that question, because it gets at the idea that yes, individuals should be deeply thankful, but that folks working together for a common purpose should be COLLECTIVELY thankful, too. Here are 4 reasons why WE are!

Our Customers

In the 48 years that we’ve served the Lewiston-Auburn area, we have been extremely blessed. Time and again, our customers have proven to be among the warmest-hearted people you could ever know. That was especially true this year, as home buying, home selling, and home construction had to be conducted in unusual, sometimes awkward ways to comply with health protocols. Through it all, our customers showed the same kindness, understanding, and thoughtfulness that have so nurtured us through the years.

Our Long-Term Employees

Being a true real estate or home construction pro is always demanding, but during this pandemic we have been especially blessed – yet again – by our amazing long-term team. This team – Jon Mercier, Mark Turner, Toni Ferraro, Deb Morin, Brandon Caruso, and Regina Ritchie – have gone “above and beyond” to create a small business you can rely on and trust. As one of our repeat customers, Jamie, put it: “We always know Maine Source Homes & Realty will go the extra mile for us.”

Our Newer Employees

With the addition of Zach Caldwell, Brian Gleason, and Linda Dupuis as new Agents—and Tessa Bunnell as our new Processor—we are blessed by talented new employees who have added tremendously to our amazing team. Serving their first year for Maine Source Homes & Realty during a pandemic has been a steep challenge nobody foresaw. Yet Zach, Brian, Linda, and Tessa have been real troopers throughout!    

Our Community

Finally, we could not be more thankful for our great Lewiston-Auburn community, which has rallied around small businesses – and each other – in a way we all can be proud of. As just reported by WGME-TV News, this pulling together has resulted in “unexpected business growth” in Lewiston-Auburn during the pandemic, with Auburn Mayor Jason Levesque reporting that this growth “has created hundreds of new jobs.”

Do you see now why Maine Source Homes & Realty is so incredibly thankful this Thanksgiving?


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