From saving you money to helping to save the Earth, a modular home is a smart long-term investment for Maine home buyers. In fact, buying or building a modular (manufactured in the factory) home allows you to enjoy many key benefits over a traditional home.

Let’s look at the 5 greatest benefits:

Faster Build Times

Because construction teams are able to work in controlled environments using repetitive techniques and convenient equipment like large-scale jigs, modular construction results in faster build times.  Weather delays are no longer a factor with modular construction either, so contractors are able to complete daily build goals and easily avoid setbacks that are common with onsite construction.

Additionally, there is a significant time savings since the foundation work for a modular can be started immediately and concurrently with the home being constructed in the factory. This alone saves several weeks in  the construction phase.

Less Expense/Greater Value

A modular home will generally cost you 10 percent less than a site-built home. You enjoy these savings because the manufacturer is able to realize consistent savings in 3 key areas—bulk purchasing, labor costs, and building materials—and then passes those savings on to you. A neat little side benefit is that the manufacturers—because they buy in such bulk—often enjoy advantageous deals with some of the local area’s most premium home-materials providers. You, the homebuyer, then benefit from those superior-quality materials.     

Reduction in Transportation Emissions

With traditional construction, large trucks and workers are constantly going back and forth from the construction site.  It adds up – in the U.S., buildings account for 38 percent of carbon dioxide emissions, and as stated above, most of this comes from the construction phase.  With the modular building process, all construction is done within a factory, eliminating a vast majority of the transportation emissions.

All About Quality Control

There are multiple reasons why modular construction is gaining popularity in the U.S. and quality control is at the top of that list.

According to an article noting an interview with Paul Tansill on modular construction, Tansill describes modular manufacturing as a process where tight tolerances and quality control are top priorities.

Unlike traditional construction practices, modular buildings are assembled in controlled  environments. This means the majority of the build process is sheltered from the elements.

Likewise, all building materials are stored in the same controlled environments, which reduces imperfections like lumber warp.

In addition, builders are able to work in the same controlled space with all tools and equipment at their disposal.  This leads to better built structures and superior quality standards.

Less Material Waste

Many factors in the traditional construction process lead to material waste, such as worker oversight, design changes, poor material storage, and inclement weather.  Because of our indoor building environment, we can keep a sharp eye on our construction, and can reduce the amount of construction waste that reaches landfills by 95% or more.

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