Here at Maine Source Homes & Realty, home selling—and specifically selling in summer—is in our blood. We’ve been helping folks sell homes in summer for more than 40 years!

During that time, we’ve discovered 5 key secrets to selling a house in summer. If you’ll do the following, you’ll maximize the odds that your “For Sale” house will attract LOTS of interest!

Selling in Summer
Tip #1 – Make a Great First Impression!

One of the most important things you can do is to scrupulously maintain the outside of your home. Don’t ever let weeds get out of control, and be sure to keep grass attractively mowed and hedges trimmed. Make sure all patio and balcony areas are constantly swept, and that they feel warm and welcoming.

Selling in Summer
Tip #2 – Keep it Cool!

Before you start showing your house, be sure to have your ceiling fans and/or air conditioning units serviced. This will keep your house nicely comfortable for prospective buyers and agents. This, in turn, will make them want to linger longer in your house as they escape the outside summer heat.

Selling in Summer
Tip #3 – Rock the Water! 

As prospective buyers make the rounds, they likely are working up a thirst. Therefore, it’s a nice touch to have a few bottles of water for them on your kitchen counter. Iced tea or lemonade might even be better!

Selling in Summer
Tip #4 – Keep the Lights On!

Even if it’s a bright sunny day outside, keep the lights on throughout your house during any showings. As people come in from that lovely sunny day and their eyes take a minute to adjust to the light, an unlit house can look darker and less inviting than you want it to. So flick those light switches on!

Selling in Summer
Tip #5 – Use Flower Power!

One of the easiest and classiest ways to “turn a house into a home” is to use flowers from your garden or from your neighborhood florist. Place them in vases throughout your house, and let them work their magic on your staging!

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