We’ve said it for many years: Lewiston-Auburn is a GREAT place to consider for your retirement. And now one of the nation’s most highly respected magazines is backing us up. Forbes magazine has just listed our area among the “Top 25 Places to Retire in the United States” in 2017!

Forbes doesn’t hand out that honor willy-nilly. In fact, our area was the ONLY Maine location to make the list … AND the only community in New England.

So why—specifically—should you consider retirement in the Lewiston-Auburn area?

Because you’ll enjoy 5 key perks if you do:

Perk #1 — Quality, Affordable Homes . . .  

When it spotlighted Lewiston-Auburn as a great place to retire, Forbes said, “We strove to find places that provide what we think is the best retirement value—meaning costs, including housing costs.”

With communities such as Brookdale Village leading the way, the Lewiston-Auburn area is offering more and more reasonably-priced housing for seniors on fixed incomes.

Perk #2 — Low Cost of Living / Strong Economy . . .  

Lewiston-Auburn’s cost-of-living is fully 5 percent below the natural average. So your dollar stretches further here. And the unemployment rate has hovered at or near 3.5 percent for several years. Maine’s economy has bounced back very dramatically from the depths of The Great Recession.

Perk # 3 — Opportunities for Work and Meaningful, Engaging Activities . . .

The area’s very low unemployment rate means ample job opportunities for seniors. And because Maine is the oldest-population state in the nation, these new job opportunities can lead to great new opportunities for senior friendship or volunteering.

Perk #4 – Quality Medical / Health Care . . .  

The Lewiston-Auburn area has an above-average number of physicians per capita, and above-average access to hospitals and medical care. In fact, there are 50 hospitals in the general area, including the highly regarded Central Maine Medical Center.

Perk #5 –  HIGH General-Quality-of-Life Indicators for Seniors . . .

According to the previously-cited Forbes article, the Lewiston-Auburn area offers numerous additional benefits that add up to high-quality living for seniors. These include a very low serious-crime rate, good-quality air, and ample opportunities for socializing and exercise.

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