Before you put your house on the market, you need to “home stage” it so it will look its absolute best.

If you’re Jeff Bezos of Amazon, you can hire a professional home-stager and pay that person up to $150 per hour. But if you’re not a billionaire, you can still home stage very effectively—and for little money. Here are 5 secrets of doing that:

Away With The Clutter!

Decluttering your house allows prospective buyers to focus on the essence of your home. Pack your “stuff” in sturdy boxes and neatly move them into a corner of your garage, or a friend or relative’s house. (This will spare you the cost of a storage unit.)

Remove Personal and Family Items

Pack away your family’s personal “stuff,” such as family photos, trophies, etc. As one of our Maine Source Homes & Realty agents recently said, “The reason you want to depersonalize your home is because you want buyers to view it as THEIR potential home.”


Scrub and deodorize your house so it is squeaky clean. If you’re good at this, do it yourself. But it’s often smarter and cheaper—in the long run—to have your house professionally cleaned. In the Lewiston-Auburn area, this will typically cost you $75 to $150. But the selling power of a super-clean house makes this a very smart investment.

Stylishly Rearrange and Present Rooms

Creatively rearrange the rooms in your home so they look appealing. If this isn’t your strong suit, take a free tour of builders’ model homes to see how various rooms are furnished and presented.

And don’t forget the paint! Research shows that sellers who paint the interior of their home will see a sweet return on their investment.

Maximize “Curb Appeal”

Don’t overlook your home’s exterior when you’re home staging. So-called “curb appeal” is every bit as crucial as staging the interior of your house, because it will be the potential buyer’s first impression. Make sure it’s a positive one!

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