What Actual Customers Say About Maine Source Homes & Realty
By Jon Mercier, Designated Broker / Realtor

Remember that old Simon & Garfunkel song, “Keep the Customer Satisfied”?  Most Lewiston-Auburn home builders and realtors work hard to do exactly that. But sometimes our Maine Source Homes & Realty customers really surprise us. Sometimes their response to our work goes way BEYOND merely “satisfied.”

That’s why we feel so good about our recent experience helping Sandy Chabot of Lewiston. Here’s what Sandy has to say about the experience:

“Maine Source Homes & Realty’s service is absolutely top-notch,” Sandy says. “Our very positive relationship with Maine Source goes all the way back to 1982. They helped my husband and me build our very first home back then. So after nearly 35 years, when we decided to move and build a new house, we immediately decided to use Maine Source Homes & Realty again.”

Sandy and her husband were the type of customers Maine Source helped “from soup to nuts.” We listed their home for them … helped them sell it … helped them locate a lot for their new home … then built their dream house on that lot.

The Chabots’ Amazing, Super-Energy-Efficient House

And what a house it is!  By using our building expertise and the latest technological innovations, we installed in the Chabots’ home an ICF Foundation (one made of insulated concrete), and a heat-pump/air-conditioning unit that is fully 300 times more energy-efficient than oil- or gas-burning units.

We also installed superior installation, state-of-the-art windows, and other features designed to maximize energy-efficiency. As a result of these strategies, Maine Source Homes & Realty was able to construct for the Chabot’s a new, large, comfortable home whose energy-use is a fraction of what other houses typically use.

Big Cost-Savings, Too

What we did for the Chabots’ should lead to big cost-savings for them, especially long-term. As the recent, tragic hurricanes in Houston and Florida have demonstrated, the price of oil and gas can spike dramatically upward in just a few days. But the Chabots’ home has freed them from that worry. Their home uses much-more-regulated (therefore, more price-stable) electricity as a source of heating and cooling.

We were delighted to help Sandy Chabot and her husband implement these smart strategies in their new home. Almost as delighted as THEY were!


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