One of the 1,001 great reasons to live in Maine is that Maine electricity providers have been largely deregulated since 2001. This means more than 60 percent of Mainers live in deregulated areas, and therefore have a CHOICE of electricity providers.

But is switching your Maine electricity provider right for YOU? Let’s explore this topic, so you’ll have guidance to make the right decision for yourself, your home, your business, and your family.

A “Buffet” of Electricity Options

Maine joined the other 16 states that offer a deregulated electricity marketplace because the state wanted to offer Mainers a true “shopping option” when they seek reliable, affordable electrical power. This has resulted in Maine electricity providers offering a great “buffet” of competitive rates and services, including to folks with specific needs or desires, such as renewable-energy plans and fixed contracts. The online marketplace called “Choose Energy” allows you to review various plans, and hone-in on your specific local options.

By the way, part of your choice regarding Maine electricity providers is that you don’t HAVE to choose one. You always have the option of getting your electricity from a local utility, such as Central Maine Power.

Renewable Energy Options

If “going green” is especially important to you—you’re in luck! More than 50 percent of Maine-generated electricity comes from wind generation and hydro-electricity. In fact, Maine’s abundant share of “green electricity” is ranked #1 in the eastern United States!

Switching to a Deregulated Maine Electricity Provider

It’s easy to find and compare Maine electricity providers. Simply visit the Choose Energy online marketplace. (Please see link below.) Determine which plan is right for you and then sign up for it. Your new Maine electricity provider will then contact your local utility for you to set up your service without any interruptions to your power.

More than 800,000 Mainers who live in deregulated areas of the state have already switched electricity providers. If you’d like to explore the possibility of joining them, visit the Choose Energy website here:

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