Samantha G. had a good, if somewhat unusual, reason for wanting her own home.

It wasn’t because she disliked being a renter – she had enjoyed apartment living throughout her 12 years in the Lewiston/Auburn area. It’s just that she planned to become a foster parent, and didn’t think that a child would feel welcome in the quiet, grownup-oriented atmosphere of the building she occupied.

At first she thought a rental townhouse would suit her needs. While looking for one she came across an ad from Maine Source Homes that began “Own, Don’t Rent.”  Curious but also a little suspicious, Samantha checked with the Better Business Bureau and learned that the company had an A+ rating. That gave her the confidence to talk with company founder Bill Turner about the possibility of building or buying a home.

After reviewing her financial situation, Bill suggested that building a modular house wasn’t the best idea, although purchasing a small existing home made sense. She looked at properties and eventually made an offer on a house she liked, only to be disappointed when it was taken off the market. Samantha was so discouraged that she almost gave up.

She never gave up on her dream of becoming a foster parent and she started the process of becoming licensed in September of 2011. Meanwhile, her friends urged her to continue looking for a house, assuring her that she would eventually find the right one. That kept her going.  Finally, in late December – the Friday before Christmas, to be exact – she saw a house that she fell in love with and ultimately bought.

Samantha enjoys her new role as a homeowner and says that it makes her feel like an adult. There are plenty of house projects to keep her busy. There’s even an extensive garden, previously a part of the local garden tour, which will need a lot of attention. (She’s got that covered; she’s planning to have a garden party – the kind where her friends come over and help her do the gardening!)

She’s also looking forward to being able to open her home to a child; only one more approval and she’ll have her license. Way to go, Samantha! We know you’re going to be an excellent foster mom.

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