When he founded Maine Source Homes & Realty 50 years ago, Bill Turner did so by posing a profound and powerful question: What if you could create a real estate and home-building company that offered customers rich, life-empowering benefits they simply could not find anywhere else? What if these benefits—these services—could help them secure not just their dream house but a true HOME? Bill called it “The Maine Source Difference” and it was rooted—from day one—in helping others.

Announcing the “Helping Our Neighbors Campaign 2022”

Now—to celebrate 50 years of Bill’s transformative vision and the company it launched—Maine Source Homes & Realty has kicked off our “Helping Our Neighbors Campaign 2022.”

What is this campaign and how will it benefit the local Lewiston-Auburn community? 

Jon Mercier, Designated Broker & Realtor® at Maine Source Homes, explains: “Thanks to the hundreds of cherished and valued customers we’ve served since our founding in 1972, Maine Source Homes & Realty is blessed to be celebrating 50 years in business. We feel this success delivers an opportunity to give back to the community we love. For that reason, over the entire course of 2022 we have committed to actively supporting six amazing Lewiston-Auburn-area charities and nonprofits. Each of these is our neighbor; each is making a real difference in our community. We recognize that these organizations are a key part of what makes this community as great and strong as it is, and we want to help with a small token from ourselves, our team of realtors, and our clients.”

For each house-closing the company assists clients with in a particular two-month period (January-February, March-April, etc.), Maine Source Homes & Realty will donate $100 to one of 6 specific local charities/nonprofits. Maine Source Homes & Realty will then ask the selling or buying realtor, along with the client, if they would like to match the donation. In this way, the “Helping Our Neighbors Campaign 2022” will seek to proactively multiply the benefits to each of the 6 charities/nonprofits.

First Up:

The Androscoggin Land Trust

The January-February beneficiary of the “Helping Our Neighbors Campaign 2022” will be The Androscoggin Land Trust. The ALT’s mission is to cherish, preserve, and conserve our local part of the beautiful natural world, specifically the Androscoggin River. During the past few years, the Lewiston-Auburn community has made STUNNING progress in reclaiming the Androscoggin River, and Maine Source Homes supports the vital continuation of this work.

In the coming months, we’ll be telling you more about our “Helping Our Neighbors Campaign 2022.” We hope you’ll help us spread the word about this distinctive way to empower 6 fantastic charities and nonprofits in the Lewiston-Auburn area!


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