On Tuesday, March 24, Gov. Janet Mills ordered that all nonessential businesses in Maine must close in response to the COVID-19 crisis, while “essential businesses” could stay open. The state of Maine declared: “Real Estate is an essential business, but in order to remain open they must adhere to guidelines.” Here are general COVID-19 guidelines as they pertain to buyers, sellers, new construction clients, and tenants, all of which Maine Source Homes & Realty will rigorously follow when you work with us to meet your ongoing real estate needs.     


  •       Showings will only be done virtually by the listing agent. Listing agent will wear foot covering and gloves when entering properties
  •       Inspections will be completed by the building inspector only. Building inspectors will wear foot covering and gloves when entering properties
  •       Appraisers must use all efforts to not enter the home. If necessary to enter, the appraiser must wear foot covering and gloves.
  •       Purchase and sale to be done electronically
  •       Closing to be done using as many social-distancing practices as possible


  •       Buyers and their agents narrow down houses to a few to “view”
  •       Real estate agent goes to the property and uses technology to “live stream” out to the buyer. Real estate agent will wear foot covering when entering properties
  •       Buyer selects one house and then can do a walk-through with the approval of the seller. Buyer and real estate agent must wear foot covering and gloves while doing walk-through
  •       Purchase and sale to be done electronically
  •       Closing to be done using as many social distancing practices as possible

New Construction Clients

  •       No new home construction projects may begin; only “existing or ongoing construction projects”
  •       Clients should not visit the worksite unless absolutely necessary. Be assured that all on-site construction personnel and contractors working with Maine Source Homes & Realty are adhering to Construction Industry COVID-19 Health Guidelines
  •       If visiting the worksite must occur, do so while rigorously adhering to all social distancing guidelines—including staying at least 6 feet apart from others—for the entire trip


  •       Abide by Maine’s Stay at Home Order, leaving your apartment or rental property ONLY to conduct essential personal business such as grocery shopping, obtaining medical care, providing care to another person, or social-distance walking
  •       Frequently wash hands and commonly used surfaces, such as door handles used by multiple tenants. Cleaning solutions should contain at least 60 percent alcohol
  •       Remain at least 6 feet distance from everyone in your apartment or community, and otherwise rigorously follow all social distancing guidelines

We realize that, during this very challenging time for all of us, you may have questions about these guidelines, or need additional guidance. If we may help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact Maine Source Homes & Realty today.

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