Here’s an interesting trivia question for you: According to research conducted by USA Today, what is “The Most Peaceful State in America”?

If you guessed Maine, you’re exactly right. With our low crime rate, beautiful New England landscape, and friendly, down-home residents, we offer a wonderful environment that Mainers want to stay in, and people from around the nation flock to. It’s a dream come true for them—and often that dream involves a dream house.

One of the great joys of working for Maine Source Homes & Realty is helping make that dream come true. We’ve been experts in modular-home construction for more than 40 years, and we are passionately committed to getting folks into their dream house as quickly as possible. We do this, in part, by keeping to schedules, meeting deadlines, and working efficiently. We also can provide layout assistance and custom design.

When he founded Maine Source Homes & Realty, Bill Turner had a specific vision of how he would help folks build their dream house. Key parts of that vision are quoting a price and sticking to it, and guiding customers through each step of the process.

As Bill has told many valued customers, “The home you want can go on your land or ours. We provide each and every customer with turn-key service. From septic systems to well-drilling, we’ll work hard to ensure you get everything you need to envision, build, and start your dream house. And it can all be done with any type of loan. We don’t limit you.”

Creating a Dream House:
A Real-Life Example

The home we built for a married couple, the Pelletiers, is a perfect example of how Maine Source Homes & Realty works. The couple are working parents with three young children, and they were in full-blown “Let’s Build Our Dream House!” mode.

But the hurdles they faced were considerable. Their “To-Do” List seemed to stretch from Portland to Bangor! It included (a.) acquiring a listing agent to sell their current house, (b.) getting a buyer’s agent to help them find land, (c.) purchasing land and dealing with sale negotiations, and (d.) navigating contracts, permits, general contractors, and builders. The number of companies they would have to research—and the people they’d have to hire—was overwhelming.

But those problems melted away when they discovered Maine Source Homes & Realty.

First, we met with the Pelletiers, to get to know them and learn exactly what they wanted. Then, we sprang into action. Working together, we helped them build the exact dream house they were looking for. They were so satisfied by the “one-stop-shopping” we offered them that they eagerly agreed to tell their story on our website.

To read that story, please visit the following link:


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