It’s the scorching-hot thing everyone is talking about. The thing thousands of savvy Mainers are taking advantage of. It’s the red-hot Maine housing selling market and—right now—it is probably THE best way to make SERIOUS money that will benefit you and your family for decades. But how do you get your house ready to sell this spring? How do you take advantage of a selling situation in which Maine home prices have risen more than 21 percent over the past yearto all-time record highs?

Here at Maine Source Homes & Realty, we REALLY enjoy helping house-sellers benefit from this insanely-hot market, and would love to help you, too. Here’s our advice for getting YOUR house ready to sell this spring!

Think Like a Buyer

The very first step—and probably the most important—is to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Are buyers looking for a home that’s sort of attractive? Sort of clean? Sort of well-presented? Of course not! They want a home that knocks them out! So tackle the relatively easy home-improvement projects that help you make a GREAT impression: Super-charge the cleaning of your house. Then be sure to do all-important tasks such as painting the interior, fixing flaking paint on the outside, fixing any broken glass, etc. 


A house that makes a great impression is not only clean, it’s decluttered. This allows buyers to easily visualize what the home would look like with their “stuff” in it. So declutter like there’s no tomorrow, paying particular attention to mantels & fireplaces, bathroom and kitchen counters, tabletops, laundry rooms, closets, and windows.

Attractively Arrange Furniture

Once your home is beautifully clean and decluttered, make sure your furniture looks attractive, comfortable, and inviting. One secret of doing this is by placing larger pieces of furniture in storage. This will help you present to buyers a reasonably open area that nonetheless feels warm and cozy.

Present an Eye-Catching, Set Dining Table

When buyers see a set dining room table, it helps them imagine their family being there and sharing an enjoyable meal together. So stage your dining room in a way that “speaks” to buyers. Bring out your best china, linens, and flatware.

Bring Nature’s Loveliness Indoors

Nothing brings warmth, beauty, and a “feels-like-home feeling” into a house like flowers. A beautiful bouquet, either hand-picked from your lawn or from the florist, brings a peaceful, gentle vibe that says, “Here is a comfortable, nice place to live.” And you can add special accents in other ways, too, such as with a bowl of fresh vegetables or fruit.

When you wish to buy your dream house in Maine sell one … or build one … we’re always here to help. Contact us today!

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