Here’s a quick question for you: When you think “green home-building,” do you think “great for the environment—not so great for my wallet!”

If you do, you’re like a lot of folks. But we have great news for you: Thanks to many technological breakthroughs, today’s green home building can actually be AMAZINGLY affordable. In fact, in the long-term, it generally is far MORE affordable than conventional home building.

Why is this true?

Because today’s best green home building—which Maine Source Homes & Realty passionately supports and provides—is an absolute revolution in earth-friendly advances. Today’s best “green” practices use the very latest in energy-efficient technology as they dramatically reduce construction waste, reduce water usage, and build homes that are continually less expensive to maintain.

Your “Maine Source” for Green Home Building

A great way to think of green home building is to think “environmentally responsible building.” This process offers you 3 enormously important benefits. They are:

  • Buildings and infrastructure that maximize the efficient use of resources;
  • The use of resources that holistically reduce harmful effects on the environment;
  • The use of materials that actually provide a healthier home environment for you and your loved ones.

Here at Maine Source Homes & Realty, we bring a passion for environmentally-friendly energy efficiency to every home we build. That’s one reason why we specialize in modular homes. Modular is—quite simply—the smartest, greenest future in home construction.

Protect the Environment—As You Save Money

When you invite a green home-building company such as Maine Source Homes & Realty to build your home, great savings and environmental caring go hand in hand. All of our homes are Energy Star compliant, which means they earn an energy-efficiency rating of 80 or better. This means you save money on heating costs from Day One.

Nowadays, green home building companies such as Maine Source Homes & Realty provide an entire “home package” to those who wish to live green. In addition to high-performance, cost-saving energy efficiency, these packages can include:

  • Geothermal heating and cooling capabilities;
  • Insulated concrete form foundations (ICFs);
  • Cool-roof panels;
  • On-demand water heating

If you are intrigued by green home building—and want to discover how it helps you care for the environment while you realize intelligent, lasting cost-savings—we invite you to give us a call.


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