Remember when Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang sang “Christmas Time is Here?” Well, no matter whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or simply the wonder of the season, nothing adds luster to your Winter Wonderland quite like hanging holiday lights inside and out.

Here at Maine Source Homes & Realty, we LOVE to see you adorn the house we helped you buy, sell, or build with your own holiday lights. We particularly love it when you do so creatively and safely. Here’s how to:

First, decide which types of lights to use. This can be tough, because there are so many types available! These include mini (smaller bulb) string lights, LED mini lights, large bulb lights, battery-operated lights, animated and color-changing lights … the list goes on and on. The important thing is to buy lights YOU find most attractive and that make the creative “statement” you want to make.

When hanging lights inside, be sure to avoid placing them where fire or electronic shock could pose a danger. Also, be sure you have a game plan beforehand. Then, take that first step, and string lights inside, such as around window frames, up and along your fireplace, and up your bannister.

Next, tackle that bigger challenge—hanging holiday lights outside. To do this most attractively, first pick a focal point. Ask yourself, “Where does my eye naturally go to when I look at my house?” Start there and build out.

As you move around your yard, be sure to consider the safety and strength of the various surfaces you are dealing with. For example, check the placement and thickness of your gutters to determine how to best hang lights along the roofline.

Now, just keep going! You have many options for hanging holiday lights, which can include along eaves … atop hedges and bushes … around deck railings, posts, and pillars … inside window boxes … and more.

As you move around your lawn, measure each straight line you want to adorn with lights, so you can determine the number of strands you’ll need. Also measure the distance to your power source, so your lights will actually go on!

Many people wonder, “How many lights will I need to cover a tree or shrub out front?” A good rule of thumb is that you’ll need 100 lights for each foot-to-foot-and-a-half of tree or shrub you want to decorate. So you would need at least 400 lights to adorn a 6-foot-tall evergreen.

Bonus Holiday Lights Tip:

If you feel your creativity is at low tide this year, there are many online resources chock-full of creative design ideas. Here’s a link to some great ideas from HGTV. Now, let the decorating begin!


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