You probably already know that online dating services are rapidly becoming the most popular way to meet a potential mate. Of course, those websites don’t do everything for you – you still have to meet the people you’re interested in – but they’re pretty darn good at locating candidates that fulfill your basic requirements.

Looking for a house isn’t the same as looking for a partner in life, but there are similarities. For example, you have certain preferences (location, number of rooms, price, etc.) that are “need to have,” and the rest is a matter of chemistry.  Another similarity is that you can narrow down the field of acceptable options online.

Online real estate searches are possible thanks to The MLS, which stands for multiple listing services or multiple listing systems. According to Wikipedia, “MLS systems contain hundreds of fields of information about the features of a property. These fields are determined by real estate professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced in that local marketplace.”  When you work with a Realtor, he or she can conduct searches for you using any or all of those fields.

You can conduct your own MLS search for a home, land, or commercial property in Maine from a screen on the website (accessible by clicking here). The data is searchable by county, city/town, price range, number of bedrooms and/or baths and lot size. You can also see New Hampshire listings from the same screen, although that information is not searchable.

A successful search displays summaries of properties that match your specifications.  Clicking on a property’s address shows you details. Another link lets you request additional information by email. Who knew that so much information was available at your fingertips?

So if you are looking for a house or other property, click on over to our MLS search. It’s free to use, and you might find a few listings that you’d be interested to “meet.” Our Realtors would be glad to make the introduction.

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