Although the pandemic remains a challenge, Lewiston-Auburn is still a wonderful place for seniors who wish to enjoy indoor winter activities. Organizations such as The Lewiston Senior Citizens offer a membership-based way to enjoy engaging, stimulating senior activities. And wonderful communities like Brookdale Village–whose Community Center should be completed this fall—are especially noteworthy for the joy, richness, and affordability they bring to seniors.

But what if you prefer to mostly stay at home due to the winter weather or pandemic? No problem! Here in Lewiston-Auburn you can enjoy a wide range of indoor winter activities right in your own home. Let’s take a couple of minutes to look more closely at a few of your “outside your home” and “inside your home” indoor winter activities options.

Maine—a Surprising Mecca for Seniors

If you are a senior in Maine, you’re in good company! According to the Bangor Daily News, “By 2030, 28 percent of Maine’s population will be 65 or older, higher than any other state.” For this reason, communities like Lewiston-Auburn have devoted a great deal of thought and care to building a warm, welcoming community for seniors. In fact, Lewiston-Auburn feels so passionately about this that they launched the previously mentioned “Lewiston Senior Citizens.” Despite the curtailing of some indoor winter activities by the pandemic, a $10 annual membership fee to Lewiston Senior Citizens can still be your passport to fun-filled indoor winter activities for seniors such as cribbage and pitch. And once the pandemic eases, you’ll also be able to enjoy bridge, bingo, board games, and much more.  

Fun in Your Own Home

If the double-whammy of Old Man Winter and the pandemic is keeping you inside, you don’t have to merely sit there watching Jeopardy or reruns of Gilligan’s Island. You can branch out by adding to your daily schedule great new activities such as:


Many seniors struggle to find a safe, low-impact exercise that keeps them fit. If you’re in that boat, yoga can be a perfect solution. Yoga is an exercise you can do all your life, and its low-impact nature makes it suitable for those with joint pain, osteoporosis, or limited mobility. If you’re interested in yoga, here’s a video that will help get you started:

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are one of the best ways to remain active, exercise your fingers, AND stimulate your mind. Along with being great fun, completing a puzzle will also deliver the great benefit of enhancing your memory, disposition, creativity, and brain chemistry. Oh, and you can also support our Lewiston-Auburn economy by “Shopping Local” for your jigsaw puzzles. Local stores that sell jigsaw puzzles include Bull Moose, Big Lots, and Walgreens.

Create Scrapbooks—and Memories

Do you have lots of family photos lying around in bureau drawers or boxes? This winter could be the perfect time to get them out, sort them by date or theme, and organize them into scrapbooks for yourself or your family. If you do this with your children or grandchildren, it can be a fun, enriching way to share family stories and history.


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