“Sell your house” may not be on your list of “All-Time Best Things to Do in Autumn.” But it actually could be. The fact is, autumn is the second-best time of year to sell your house. So how do you maximize your chances of success? How do you attract-like-a-magnet a pre-winter home buyer?

Create That All-Important Curb Appeal

To sell your house most easily, begin by thinking “What first impression do I want to create on the home buyer? How can I amp-up curb appeal?” Then get to work to make it happen. Rake fallen leaves and debris from your lawn. Make sure the path to your entranceway is neat-looking, with all dead flowers or vines cut away.

In a previous blog, we showed you great ways to use flowers to enhance curb appeal. Do it again—right now! Beautify the exterior of your home with gorgeous autumn flowers such as mums, chrysanthemums, or marigolds, placed in attractive pots near your entranceway. Add a memorable autumn accent with winter squash or pumpkins.

Next, Move Indoors 

Once you’ve made the exterior of your house as attractive as possible, it’s time to move your “Sell Your House” operation indoors. If the house is blessed with a nice, cozy fireplace, be sure to showcase it.  Thoroughly vacuum it, then “stage” it with wood logs and old-fashioned-looking andirons and/or hearth adornments.

Next, scrutinize your furniture with an “autumn eye.” Ask yourself, “What can I do to make things more homey and autumnal-looking?” Red, orange, and yellow colors should particularly come into play here. You can bring even a “meh” sofa or chair to life with autumn-colored pillows or a throw. And don’t forget another homey center of the house: your dining room table. Bring it to evocative life by creating a candle centerpiece circled by acorns, pine cones, and fall leaves.

Make the Experience Yummy

One of the most overlooked ways to help sell your house is by adding “the yummy factor.” Just before potential home buyers walk through your house, set out for them such things as delicious hot apple cider and freshly baked pumpkin bread. Complement that with a hand-out autumn recipe staged near a bowl of delectable apples or cinnamon sticks.

Cap It All Off with “Mood Music”

Softly-playing classical music or slow jazz can add a soothing, relaxing vibe to your house. So consider having your local classical or jazz radio station playing softly in the background. For an even more creative touch, create a musical streaming experience or CD spotlighting classic, autumn-related songs, such as Nat King Cole’s “Autumn Leaves,” Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon,” or George Winston’s evocative album Autumn. This special “mood music” could be just the touch it takes to help sell your house before winter’s arrival!

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