I would tell you she had a dream, but that’s not true. She actually had TWO.

Her name is Samantha G., and we at Maine Source Homes & Realty are honored to call her a customer. You see, her dream was to become a foster parent—to offer enduring love and kindness to a child who otherwise might not be blessed in that way. And she wanted a very special home in which to offer her child that love.

But home-buying was strange and a bit scary for Samantha. She’d been a renter for 12 years, and sometimes staying in that mode seemed safe. But the more she thought about it, the more she felt she HAD to buy a home for her child.

At first, Samantha didn’t believe she could do it, so she looked into townhouse rentals. Then one day she was looking through her local newspaper and there it was—an ad from Maine Source Homes & Realty.

“The ad spoke directly to me,” Samantha says. “It said, ‘OWN, DON’T RENT.’ And that struck a deep chord in me. But I was wary and skeptical, so I contacted the Better Business Bureau about Maine Source Homes. I quickly discovered they had an A+ rating. That gave me the confidence to call Maine Source Homes & Realty and set up a meeting with Bill Turner about buying or building a home.”

A few days later, Samantha sat down with Bill and they discussed her needs and reviewed her finances. After taking the time to listen closely to Samantha, Bill suggested she buy a small, existing home, after which he gave her some tips on loans and lending. He then referred her to a trusted contact at a bank who could help her with financing.

“Bill was so incredibly helpful,” Samantha says. “He was the one who showed me my dream was possible: I could buy my first home for me and my new child.”

After helping her look at various homes around the Lewiston/Auburn area, Maine Source Homes & Realty helped Samantha buy the PERFECT home. It even includes a large garden, which she and her child love being in and cultivating. Just as they do their own loving relationship.

“I love my new role as a homeowner,” Samantha says. “I experience a special sense of pride in owning my own home, for me and my child. I can’t thank Maine Source Homes enough for making my dream come true.”

If home ownership seems like an out-of-reach dream, we urge you to not give up. We’re here to help you find your way home.

To read about the experiences of other actual Maine Source Homes & Realty customers, we invite you to visit the “My Home Stories” page of our website here:



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