Throughout 2022, Maine Source Homes & Realty of Auburn celebrated 50 years in business by lovingly giving back to the local community. The company’s “Helping Our Neighbors Campaign” identified 6 local nonprofits and charities to powerfully support throughout the year.  On December 20, 2022, Associate Broker/Realtor® Brandon Caruso of Maine Source Homes & Realty handed a check for $3,200 to Grace Kendall, Director of Development & Engagement at Safe Voices, money raised during the September/October 2022 period of the “Helping Our Neighbors Campaign.”

Safe Voices provides a wide array of services and support designed to end domestic abuse and violence in the local community. One aspect of its mission is to go into community libraries, schools, and hospitals, educating people on domestic abuse and sex trafficking, and encouraging survivors to connect with Safe Voices for safety planning and “next steps.”

“We are very pleased to hear that the latest ‘Helping Our Neighbors’ donation from our company will be used directly to help victims of domestic abuse, right here in our community,” said Jon Mercier, Designated Broker/ Realtor® at Maine Source Homes & Realty. “The services provided by Safe Voices are more critical than ever, and we are honored to be able to help support them.”  

More About the “Helping Our Neighbors Campaign”

 The “Helping Our Neighbor Campaign” is funded by Maine Source Homes & Realty’s team of realtors, as well as by the company’s clients. For each house-closing the company assisted clients with during a given two-month period throughout 2022, the company donated $100 to one of the 6 beneficiary charities/nonprofits. In turn, Maine Source Homes & Realty then asked the selling or buying realtor, along with the client, if they would like to match the donation. This fundraising strategy resulted in the $3,200 donation to Safe Voices.

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