Here at Maine Source Homes & Realty we are passionately committed to supporting our local community, its resources, and its people. That’s why we served again this year—very enthusiastically!— as co-sponsors of the annual Androscoggin Land Trust Canoe & Kayak River Race, held the morning of Saturday, June 23. There are a million-and-one reasons why we co-sponsor the ALT River Race.

Here are the 3 biggest ones:

Reason #1:
The race financially supports the ALT.

The river race serves to financially support the incredible work of the Androscoggin Land Trust. Everyone at Maine Source Homes & Realty deeply supports the ALT’s mission to cherish, preserve, and conserve our local part of the beautiful natural world, and specifically the Androscoggin River. Our Designated Broker here at MSHR, Jon Mercier, is even an ALT board member!

Reason #2:
We want EVERYONE to be as passionate
about the Lewiston-Auburn area as we are!


At Maine Source Home & Realty, our job is to sell people on the idea of moving into the Lewiston-Auburn area. The river race helps us do just that! By co-sponsoring the race, we are helping members of our community—and those who dream of living here—more deeply understand and enjoy our area’s trails, woodland, wetlands, and more … and to pass that abiding love on to future generations.

Reason #3:
The race spotlights the AMAZING environmental comeback
of the Androscoggin River.


Unfortunately, the Androscoggin River was once badly polluted. But it has made an AMAZING environmental comeback—and the river race serves to showcase that comeback. If you are thinking of moving into the Lewiston-Auburn area, we want you to understand what a wonderful resource the Androscoggin River is once again. And that’s true not only for those who canoe and kayak on it, but for everyone who cherishes a magnificent river and what it adds to one’s local community.

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