mhlogosm_grThis has been a great buyer’s market, and it’s getting better. In a Press release dated May 27th, 2016, Maine State Housing has announced that they are lowing their already low rates.

“AUGUSTA – MaineHousing is celebrating National Homeownership Month in June by lowering its First Home Loan 30-year fixed mortgage interest rate to 2.99% (3.966% APR, O Points) plus offering $3,500 for down payment and closing costs”

This is very exciting if you are a first time home buyer who qualifies. Maine Source Homes & Realty is proud to work with Maine State Housing loans and our staff know the program well. We can use this program to help you buy an existing home or even build a brand new one.

Not sure if you qualify? Call Maine Source today to meet with a staff member that can quickly determine if this is an option for you. With our Lending Partners, we can easily and quickly educate you on the qualifications and narrow down the loan programs for you. There is no cost to meeting, and if you don’t qualify today, we will often help you with what needs to be done to qualify down the road.

The program will even work for buyers of homes in Brookdale Village. Mobile homes that are no older than 20 yrs, can be purchased with Maine State Housing as well. This is a huge cost savings if you are looking to buy but don’t have a large down payment!

This may only be around for June, so don’t hesitate if you are thinking about making that move. Call us today! for more on Maine State Housing.

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