When you think “affordable neighborhood in Central or Southern Maine” do you immediately think: “Yeah, right! Where am I going to find that?”

Well, here’s great news! Whether you’re a retiree or a first-time homeowner, Brookdale Village in Poland (just minutes from downtown Auburn) is right on the “sweet spot” of what you’re looking for!  And there are now 15 brand-new home sites available!

The “Nice Price” That Delivers Great Value

“Affordable neighborhood” is the whole idea behind Brookdale Village—and the reason it’s the #1 mobile-home value in the Lewiston-Auburn area. No other community offers you such quality construction, with both Eagle River Manufactured Homes and Pine Grove Homes available. And every home is offered at a very affordable price—generally less than $100,000, and often less than $90,000—with Maine State Housing Financing available.

When you live at Brookdale Village, you get plenty of “room to breathe.” Drive around and you’ll be delighted to see that the lots are large, and have spacious yards. And most homes have garages. Best of all, you get a “starter home” or retirement home—depending on your stage of life—that is comfortably affordable and easy to manage.   

Wonderful People Create a Wonderful Community

No matter what age you are, you probably seek a warm, nurturing community for yourself and your spouse and family members. Again, that’s where Brookdale Village delivers! There you’ll enjoy the company of friendly folks from Maine and “away,” who place a special value on friendship, sociability, and enjoyable activities.

You’ll enjoy meeting friends at the tennis court or half-court basketball hoop. And you’ll particularly enjoy the new Community Building, to be completed later this year. You’ll create new friendships and deepen your sense of community at various fun, enriching, tenant-led functions. And did we mention the Community Building also will have a great new exercise room coming in 2021?

Lifetime-Rent Option for Seniors: Lock in Your Payment!

If you’re a senior living on a fixed income, the last thing you need are additional money worries. That’s why Brookdale Village offers a Lifetime-Rent Option to seniors who lease a home there. With this option, you lock-in a specific rent payment for the entire time you live there—and never have to worry about it going higher. Everything else in the world will get more expensive—but your rent NEVER will!

No matter what stage of life you are at, an “affordable neighborhood” probably sounds awfully good to you. If you’re looking for a comfortably affordable neighborhood that also delivers the other life-enhancing benefits we’ve mentioned, we hope you’ll contact Maine Source Homes & Realty. We’d love to show you Brookdale Village!

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