At Maine Source Homes & Realty – Modular Homes with ICF foundations , or better known as Insulated Concrete Foundation, have been a standard for the past 5 years.  Some benefits of this system are:

  • R22 Insulation value
  • High basement ceiling height
  • Drywall interior included
  • Tremco or Soprema waterproofing
  • Meets 2009 IRC Insulation standards


Most people don’t realize with a standard foundation you may get a tar emulsion damp proofing, but often a true waterproofing system is not used. This is often not told to consumers, or worst, told that tar emulsion is waterproofing. With our Modular ICF foundation waterproofing system, you get a true water tight basement.   It also comes with a 5 year warranty.  Call us today to learn more about modular construction and ICF foundations.

To learn more about this contact Maine Source here..

Maine Source Homes & Realty - Modular ICF

Maine Source Homes & Realty - Modular ICF

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