Why You Need a Buyer Agent in a Seller’s Market


Wow! Is the Maine real estate market hot, or what!  Not long ago, a huge headline in the Portland Press Herald said it all: “Maine Real Estate Market Continues Streak of Record-Breaking Home Sales.”

But there’s “good news / bad news” in this.

If you’re selling a home, you’re golden. But if you’re trying to BUY a home, amidst all this fierce competition?  Well, that’s much trickier. Let’s take 2 minutes to see how it can be MUCH easier for you.

First Step—Get a Plan

Right now, Maine—and the Lewiston-Auburn area specifically—are what real estate agents call a “sellers’ market.” It’s a market where there are more home buyers than sellers.

Based on the Law of Supply & Demand, this means sellers can have the upper hand. Due to fierce competition for homes, you may, as a buyer, be at a basic disadvantage. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this kind of market, a smart buyer’s PLAN is your smartest weapon. It can help you quickly achieve a much more level playing field. A key part of your plan should be to get a great buyer agent, to help you navigate these otherwise treacherous waters.

How You’ll Benefit from a Buyer Agent

As with many things in life, you’ll benefit when you tap into the expert advice and caring assistance a buyer agent can offer. With a seasoned agent by your side, you’ll simply stand a much better chance of getting the home you want. PLUS—and this is HUGE—in most cases, buyers don’t pay real estate agents; sellers do.

Here at Maine Source Homes & Realty, we offer agents such as our recent hire, Deb Morin, who is a professionally certified negotiator. Folks like Deb or one of our other agents will MAXIMIZE your ability to negotiate intelligently and compete against other home buyers in today’s red-hot, fast-paced market.

The bottom line is this:

Working with a buyer agent will save you tons of time … dramatically reduce your level of stress … and help you get absolutely the best home for absolutely the best-possible price.

Now—aren’t those good reasons to call us?

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