Here at Maine Source Homes & Realty, we enjoy helping people in a more comprehensive way than they might receive from other realtors/builders. That’s because we can help you sell your house … buy a new house … and/or build a new house. So folks who rely on us can REALLY benefit from “one-stop-shopping.”

A perfect example of this is a married couple named Chris and Jamie. Over the years, they’ve relied on Maine Source Homes & Realty for pretty much ALL the services we offer. A number of years ago, for example, we helped them sell their home in Greene, Maine. During this process, we additionally helped them retain part of their land in Greene, because selling their house only necessitated selling the front two acres. Chris and Jamie then moved to a nice existing home in Lewiston.

A few years later, the couple decided they wanted to build and move to a new house in Auburn. During this time, they also decided to sell their land in Greene. So they were facing a transition of being “between things.” That can be stressful—but here’s where “The Maine Source Difference” made ALL the difference.

While Chris and Jamie were waiting for their new home to be built, Maine Source Homes & Realty was able to negotiate a “rent-back” agreement so the couple could stay in their old house while having their new house built. This was a huge benefit to them, because it allowed them to get into their new house as seamlessly as possible—without having to secure a new renting arrangement (at another property) while they were waiting for their new house. Most people can only afford one mortgage at a time, so being free of the mortgage on their previous property—yet being able to still live there and only pay rent while their new home was being built—was a huge relief and benefit to Chris and Jamie.

To me, this is an example of how Maine Source Homes & Realty makes a huge difference for our customers. By knowing Chris’s and Jamie’s goals and working with them closely, we were able to achieve an outcome that benefited them, minimized disruption in their life, and allowed them to move, fairly quickly, into their wonderful new house in Auburn.

After this experience, Jamie was delighted with how things had gone. “We always know that Maine Source Homes & Realty will go the extra mile for us,” she said. “When you are their customer, Maine Source Homes & Realty always ‘has your back.’ Thanks to them, we were able to transition to our wonderful new home in Auburn—which they built for us—with the least-possible expense and hassles. Maine Source Homes & Realty is really fantastic!”

MAINE SOURCE HOMES & REALTY is dedicated to helping you find your perfect home-ownership solution. Whether you wish to buy, sell, or build a home, Maine Source Homes & Realty invites you to benefit from our 46 years of trustworthy experience and expertise.

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