What Real Customers Say About Maine Source Homes & Realty   

Have you ever heard the expression “He wears three hats?” It generally means “He does three things equally well” in his professional or personal life. Well, here at Maine Source Homes & Realty, we like to say, “We wear three hats,” too—meaning we help folks build, buy, and/or sell their dream home.

We thought we’d take a minute to look briefly at the experience of real people who have built, bought, or sold their home in the Lewiston-Auburn area through Maine Source Homes & Realty. What was that experience like?

Building, Buying, or Selling: Using Maine Source Homes & Realty

A perfect example of how Maine Source Homes & Realty “wears three hats”—building, buying, and selling great homes—is a local married couple named Chris and Jamie. A number of years ago, right after we first met them, we helped them sell their home in Greene, Maine. We then helped Chris and Jamie buy a lovely new home in Lewiston and, later, helped them build their wonderful dream home in Auburn.

“We always know that Maine Source Homes & Realty will go the extra mile for us,” Jamie told us. “When you are their customer, Maine Source Homes & Realty always has your back. Thanks to them, we were able to transition to our wonderful new home in Auburn—which they built for us—with the least-possible expense and hassles.”

Maine Source Homes & Realty: Builds Your Perfect Home

Originally from Massachusetts, Lynne and Jeff P. also benefited from Maine Source Homes & Realty’s three hats. They had always dreamed of moving to the Lewiston-Auburn area and wanted to do so with as little stress and complexity as possible.

After Lynne and Jeff contacted Maine Source Homes & Realty, we sat down together, and they decided they wanted to have us build for them a Muncy modular home. Working with our staff in an easy, personal way, they soon got the exact house they dreamed of.

Lynne was so pleased with her experience that she met with us later to share some of her observations and feelings about her experience. She particularly loved that she was able to watch her dream home being built.

“I came once a week, once the house was on the foundation. It was amazing to see the progress each week!”

She also appreciated that Maine Source Homes & Realty did not dilly-dally and built her house within the time frame she and her husband had been given.

“We were told it would take approximately 4-6 weeks once the modular boxes arrived, and that’s pretty much exactly what happened. They started in June, and my husband and I were handed the keys on July 23.”

Summing Up the Maine Source Homes & Realty Experience

Asked to summarize her feelings about her experience with Maine Source Homes & Realty, Lynne nods and smiles.

“It was a very positive experience. They answered every question, and always returned calls and/or emails within a very short amount of time. Everyone was helpful. We couldn’t be happier with our house!”


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