Lynne and Jeff P. were very clear about three things:

  • They were living in Massachusetts;
  • They dreamed of retiring in southern Maine;
  • They wanted to build the perfect home in Maine in which to retire.

Their solution? They reached out to Maine Source Homes & Realty. Lynne and Jeff P. understood that building a new dream home can be complicated—perhaps even arduous and a bit frightening. So they wanted to reduce stress and complexities to “as little as possible, thank you very much.”

They had heard that Maine Source Homes & Realty is a family-owned home-construction business that has helped folks build their dream home for more than 40 years.

Lynne and Jeff P. talked with the folks at Maine Source Homes & Realty and ultimately decided to construct a Muncy modular home. Working with our staff in an easy, personal way, they soon got the exact house they dreamed of.

Interview with Real Customer Lynne P.
about Maine Source Homes & Realty

Recently we asked Lynne P. if she might answer a few questions about what the process was like for her and Jeff. She gladly responded.

MAINE SOURCE HOMES & REALTY:  What kind of house did you select?

LYNNE:  We chose a chalet-style home. The open-ceiling concept in the living/dining area is very nice and bright, and feels much larger than it is. We wanted everything on one level, for easy access when we are older and retired. We changed the floor plan a bit to our own design in the master bedroom/bath area. This was easy and the builder worked with our change request with no problems.

MSHR:  Were you able to watch the house being built?

L:  I was lucky enough to be able to come weekly once the house was on the foundation. We were actually there the day the house boxes arrived. We came back at 9 a.m. the next morning to watch them move the two boxes to the foundation. The structure was closed up tight before noon. Amazing!

MSHR:  How long did the process take to complete?

L:  We were told it would take approximately 4-6 weeks once the modular boxes arrived. The two boxes arrived on June 3. The siding took a bit longer than usual, but we expected that. We had chosen a different type of siding than the usual vinyl, Hardie board. This took a couple of weeks to hang versus just a few days for the vinyl. It was still a very quick process. We were handed the keys on July 23.

MSHR:  What was it like to work with Maine Source Homes?

L:  It was a very positive experience. They answered every question, and always returned calls and/or emails within a very short amount of time. Everyone was helpful.

MSHR:  Did the house meet your expectations?

L:  Yes! Everything turned out great. We couldn’t be happier with this house!

MAINE SOURCE HOMES & REALTY is dedicated to helping you find your perfect home-ownership solution. Whether you wish to buy, sell, or build a home, Maine Source Homes & Realty invites you to benefit from our 46 years of trustworthy experience and expertise.

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