It’s what virtually every person dreams of. Owning your own house. Feeling connected to your land and your community. Taking pride in turning your Dream House into a wonderful home for yourself and your family.

But for some people, that dream doesn’t come easily. There are serious obstacles in the way—often related to finances, credit scores, and relationships with lenders. But that’s where Maine Source Homes & Realty can make such a huge difference for you. The following true story shows how.

A few years ago, David wanted a piece of the American Dream—a wonderful home for himself, his wife, and three children. But transitioning from renting to owning seemed very daunting—if not impossible. Though he was intelligent, responsible, and hard-working, David nevertheless had trouble saving up for a down payment and obtaining a loan. He became discouraged, thinking his Dream Home would always be out of reach.

Maine Source’s Creative Helping Hand

Then David made a move that completely turned his situation around. He called our offices at Maine Source Homes & Realty. We carefully and respectfully evaluated David’s situation and concluded that—despite David’s fiscal and personal integrity—he would need to improve his credit score and overall bank profile before a bank would lend him what he needed.

For more than three years, Maine Source Homes & Realty helped David make the specific, step-by-step progress he needed to enhance his credit score and move toward home ownership.

While David did his part, Maine Source Homes & Realty partnered with him to stay on top of all available loan options. After a careful search, Maine Source Homes & Realty found the perfect opportunity for David—a USDA direct program that allowed David his chance to build a custom home on a local lot, for an affordable price.

But then David ran into a problem. The lot was too large for the USDA direct program, and the seller expected multiple offers in cash.

That’s when Maine Source Homes & Realty brought “the Maine Source Difference” to the situation.

Refusing to let David’s dream die, we formulated a creative plan to buy the lot for David, sell off a few acres to qualify the property for the loan program, then secure it all for David and his family.

It worked like a charm.

After that, Maine Source Homes & Realty worked with David to build his custom home for his family, close with the lender, and smoothly resolve every detail.

“Maine Source Homes & Realty went way above and beyond to make this happen for me, my wife, and my children,” David says today. “And my family and I are very grateful. We would highly recommend Maine Source Homes & Realty for all your real estate and home-building needs.”

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