When Should You Sell Your House in Lewiston-Auburn?

When Should You Sell Your House in Lewiston-Auburn?

When Should You Sell Your House in Lewiston-Auburn?

When Should You Sell Your House in Lewiston-Auburn?

Are you planning to sell your house in Lewiston-Auburn—but not sure if this is the best time? We can help!

Since 2012, we’ve tracked house-sales statistics in the Lewiston-Auburn area in an especially in-depth way. This helps us offer you detailed “intel” regarding the very best time to list, market, and sell your house here.

Before we delve into the stats, here’s a MAJOR “take-away” we’ve gotten from the stats: It’s that Lewiston-Auburn—unlike Portland—offers a house-selling environment that is more gradual but also more reliable. That means you enjoy the perfect blend of market stability and affordability.

Highlights of Today’s Lewiston-Auburn: “Sell Your House” Statistics

So, what do the stats reveal? Good news, that’s what! Whereas the number of houses sold in Lewiston-Auburn in 2012 was 414 … and 442 in 2013 … that number catapulted to 618 in 2016 and to 613 in 2017, with 2018 tracking at a similarly high level.

And because the demand for houses in Lewiston-Auburn has been so consistently strong, the median price you’ll likely get has shot up more than 10 percent in just 5 years.

What Else Do You Need to Know?

As house-selling experts, we look at these statistics and see other key insights you can take away. Chief among them are:

  • Even within a relatively small local market, there are sub-markets. So it’s very important for you to meet with a broker familiar with this specific area;
  • Given that the median price of a house in Lewiston-Auburn is trending upward, the next few months will be a very favorable time to list your house;
  • Economic and social trends in the Lewiston-Auburn area are unusually favorable now, so there’s never been a better time to move vertically upward or to down-size in this specific market.

For more information and/or advice on selling your house in Maine, call Jon Mercier of Maine Source Homes & Realty at (207) 333-6001 for your free, expert market analysis.

NOTE: All statistics presented in this blog were researched by Jon Mercier of Maine Source Homes & Realty from Matrix, the Maine Listing Service of MREIS (Maine Real Estate Information System Inc.)


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