If you’re like most people, you probably think selling your home during Maine’s long, harsh winter is all-but-impossible. But we’ve got great news for you. The facts and data tell a much more positive story.

According to leading experts such as national best-selling author/money-guru Dave Ramsey, the sale of existing homes as the season turns from fall to winter – has INCREASED significantly over the last few years. Winter buyers often are the most serious shoppers, and research also shows that homes sold in winter often go for more money. If you want to be a successful home-seller in winter, we suggest you use these tips & tricks:

Work That Shovel and Snowblower

Create a sense of easy, convenient access to your driveway and home. Continually shovel and snow-blow to allow a safe pathway in. Sprinkle a layer of salt to ensure stable footing for your prospective buyers.

Think “Well-Lit and Welcoming”

Here in Maine, the winter sun starts setting in the mid-afternoon. So it’s critical that you keep that dark, gloomy feeling from creeping into your home. Your prospective buyers will react favorably to a house that is well-lit, and which offers a sense of welcoming warmth. Achieve this by opening your blinds and experimenting with the RIGHT KIND of lighting in various rooms. In general, that means LEDs for interior spaces and hallways, soft white bulbs for bedrooms and living areas, and brighter bulbs for bathrooms.

Showcase Summer Photos

From Christmas through March here in Maine, your front lawn is likely to be buried under inches—or feet—of snow. Prospective buyers might be reluctant to purchase a home if they can’t see its front lawn and grounds. So “unveil your yard” by prominently featuring photos that showcase your home in the spring, summer, and fall. In the photos, highlight your lawn’s most attractive features, such as flower beds, vegetable gardens, and decks. This will allow buyers to envision themselves in your home year-round.

Bring “Cozy Warm” to Interiors

Our winter in Maine has been especially frigid this year. And potential buyers of your home are looking for a cozy, peaceful place where they can escape that cold. So make sure your boiler, furnace, and wood-(or-pellet)-burning stove are in tip-top shape. Get them inspected by professionals beforehand, and highlight the inspection sticker in plain sight. That way, buyers will be assured all heating systems are sound and well-functioning. Finally, double-check doors and windows for drafts, and insulate or weather-seal any door or window needing it.

Maine can be a magical place to live, but it does come with winter challenges. Don’t let those challenges affect your ability to sell your home during the winter months. Use these tricks and tips for a successful sale!

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