Why Smart Homeowners Love “The Maine Source Advantage”   

Let’s face it: Buying, building, or selling a home can be stressful. You have so much to think about … so much you need to get right … so many details to keep on top of to ensure a smooth transition from where you are now to your dream home.

Wouldn’t it, therefore, be wonderful to have a caring partner to help you make that transition? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have someone genuinely looking out for YOUR best interests during that time?

That’s exactly the vision Bill Turner had when he founded Maine Source Homes & Realty in 1972. Bill calls it “The Maine Source Advantage.” And it remains very much the caring, respectful, helpful mission of the company.

“It hit me a long time ago,” Bill says. “Why not create the type of realty and home-building business that’s never been envisioned before? Why not create an enjoyable home-buying or selling experience without all the headaches?”

Bill says this vision came after much reflection centered around “standing in the customer’s shoes.” It came from understanding that people are often in a vulnerable, anxious “place” when they buy, build, or sell a home—and that, ideally, they’re looking for “something extra special and extra helpful” in the services they seek from realtors and builders.

“There is no better feeling than knowing you have made a difference in a family’s life,” Bill says.

Why The Maine Source Advantage is YOUR Advantage

Reflecting on his 46 years of home-buying, building, and selling service to folks in the Lewiston-Auburn area, Bill Turner continues to make The Maine Source advantage the critical cornerstone of his approach to business.

“It’s a business-model version of The Golden Rule,” Bill says thoughtfully. “And I truly believe that’s why people keep coming back to Maine Source.”

Since Bill founded Maine Source Homes & Realty in 1972, his “extra-effort team” has built more than 600 modular homes in the Lewiston/Auburn area—and bought and sold thousands more.

“During those 45 years,” Bill says, “we’ve been very mindful to make sure the Maine Source Advantage is the CUSTOMER’S advantage. It’s all about building, buying, and selling quality homes, and helping folks make the transition into a new home as easy and affordable as possible.”


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