“With Maine Source Homes & Realty, we got excellent service—the type of service that goes above and beyond. We got extras.”

That’s how Dana Hall responded when we asked him about his experience with Maine Source Homes & Realty. Dana is a young husband and the very proud papa of a young son. Employed at the local TD Bank Call Center, Dana shared a dream with his wife of building their own home in the beautiful, apple-orchard-rich landscape of Turner, Maine, outside Lewiston-Auburn. They wanted a home they could help design themselves, in a picturesque small town that would offer a safe, quiet, neighborly environment for themselves and their little boy.

Their first step was to call Jon Mercier at Maine Source Homes & Realty. Jon helped them sell their own home, then put the Halls in touch with some of his colleagues at Maine Source Homes & Realty regarding their dream home. Working together, they created a layout plan that was—as Dana puts it—“exactly what we wanted. The whole Maine Source Homes & Realty team was a real, genuine help. They were really there for us—every step of the way.”

A Heritage of Modular Home Building

Dana, his wife, and their little boy benefited from “the Maine Source Homes & Realty difference” in new-home construction. We built our first modular home for folks like Dana and his family more than 40 years ago, and have kept the proud tradition ever since.

Whether your family is very young like Dana’s, much older and enjoying retirement, or somewhere in the middle, we know you want to be in your home as fast as possible. That’s why our quality commitment to our customers has always focused sharply on creating solid schedules, keeping deadlines sacred, and working as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

As you move from A to Z through the home-building process, you get the exact layout and custom-design assistance you need . . . a quoted price that we stick to . . . and all the expert-yet-human help you need through every step.

Jon Mercier, Designated Broker at Maine Source Homes & Realty, has said, “We strive to give the client what they want, in their budget. For over forty years we have been helping with custom floor plans to fit the needs of our clients. There is no one-size-fits-all in housing.”

Maybe Dana Hall is referring to that added-value commitment to customer satisfaction when he says, “Maine Source Homes & Realty did an excellent job. We got a great home. And we got extras.”


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