The trend—all throughout the 2020s—has been crystal-clear: When people want to move, they want to move to Maine. In fact, of all the states in New England and the entire Northeast, Maine ranks as “The #1 Most-Moved-To” in a just released listing by Forbes magazine.   

Why has Maine held such a special place in the hearts of home buyers throughout the 2020s? Why is that trend dynamically continuing—with no end in sight? Let’s take a couple of minutes to explore why “move to Maine” has become such a positive strategy for so many people.

A Game-Changing Pandemic

One of the major reasons for the “Move to Maine Movement” was profoundly human and psychological. Faced with a frightening pandemic that upended normal life, thousands of people began to reflect on their lives and asked themselves a simple question: Given that (as John Lennon said) “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans,” where do I WANT to live? And why should I delay my dream any longer?  

For thousands of people reflecting on this, “Move to Maine” became the clear answer—a clear pathway to a better life.

The Safest State in America

But if human and psychological factors played a key role for many people, so did real-world realities and statistics. The fact is, Maine has ALWAYS been one of the safest, most secure and comfortable places in the country. And that trend has ALSO continued powerfully throughout the 2020s. In fact, as just reported by U.S. News & World Report, Maine is “#1 in Public Safety.” 

A Throw-Back, Neighborly Community

Most parts of Maine are like a throw-back to a bygone era—not just in terms of how safe people feel here, but also in the overall, day-in-day-out reality of Maine living. Like something out of the 1950s, Maine is a place where neighbor still cares for neighbor … people and organizations actively uplift those needing a helping hand … and folks firmly believe they are accountable for their own actions. In a world where news and information is hurled at us like it’s coming out of a firehose, people LOVE the slower-paced, down-home, neighborly vibe they enjoy when they move to Maine.

New England’s Most Affordable Homes

Finally, when folks dream of moving to Maine, they naturally ask, “What are the home prices like?” Well, glad you asked. <grin> Because in a just-released report, Maine once again ranks as the #1 most-affordable state for home buyers in all of New England. When you combine that with Maine’s thriving economy … its all-time low unemployment rate … its high minimum wage … and a 2024 inflation rate projected to be less than half what it was just two years ago … it’s easy to see why “Move to Maine!” is absolutely the right move!  

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