Here’s a quick question for you: Why did Forbes magazine select Lewiston-Auburn for its list of “Top 25 Places in the U.S. to Retire?” Why did it say its selection of Lewiston-Auburn has to do with “factors which can make for a healthy and fulfilling retirement, including opportunities for volunteering and exercise”? And why is the area especially attractive for winter retirement?

Not sure of the answers? Then let’s take a couple of minutes to spotlight why Lewiston-Auburn can be your ticket to winter retirement fun and enrichment!

Discover Great Activities via “The Lewiston Senior Citizens”

It’s no secret that Maine has an older population than other states. And it’s certainly no secret that we have long winters here. This has spurred communities like Lewiston-Auburn to devote themselves to creating warm, welcoming, stimulating winter retirement opportunities for seniors. Through one prominent organization—“The Lewiston Senior Citizens” – you can especially engage in “one-stop-shopping” in terms of winter retirement activities, classes, and more.

When you belong to The Lewiston Senior Citizens, you can enjoy afternoons (except Tuesday and Thursday) filled with card playing, puzzles, board games, and other fun, friendship-building games and activities, all at The Senior Center.

Membership in The Lewiston Senior Citizens is just $10 per year. That affordable fee will put you on their newsletter list, so you’ll constantly be aware of great upcoming activities and opportunities for retirees, all winter long.

Love to Volunteer? Then Step Right Up!

If volunteering is your idea of a stimulating, rewarding retirement, the Lewiston Senior Citizens—and numerous other local organizations, for that matter—can be your passport to creating a winter retirement experience that will warm your heart even during the coldest of winters.

Love to read books to wide-eyed children? Contact the Lewiston or Auburn Public Library.

Love to work with adorable, in-need-of-love puppies and kittens? Contact the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society.

Love to be part of a wonderful theatrical troupe? Contact The Public Theater (voted “Maine’s Best Theater” by Down East magazine’s readers 7 years in a row!).

You get the idea. And if you need MORE ideas, the following link provides a comprehensive list of Lewiston-Auburn volunteering ideas and opportunities:

Here in the Lewiston-Auburn area, we discovered long ago that things like “retirement” and “winter” are certainly real, but they’re also a state of mind. If you’re a retiree, Maine’s long winter can be an excuse to hibernate and watch too much TV. Or, on the other hand, it can offer an especially wonderful opportunity to get out of your house or apartment, join fellow retirees for fun games and/or enriching social or volunteering experiences, and make your retirement all you want it to be. We know LOTS of retirees who have chosen the latter option – and we hope you will too!      

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