So you’ve purchased your incredible dream home in Maine, and now you want to enjoy your beautiful lawn, garden, or deck. There’s just one issue: Pests might want to enjoy them, too! So how can you BEAUTIFY your lawn, garden, and deck … as you keep pests away? The secret is in nature’s amazing flowers and plants that REPEL pests such as mosquitoes, gnats, deer, and squirrels from being…well…pests. Here’s a list of 5 particularly beneficial plants and flowers to help keep bothers away…


One of Mother Nature’s most gorgeous flowers, the daffodil, has a “secret power” to repel pests due to a toxin in their bulbs that only a few insects can eat. It also deters deer, rabbits, and squirrels from munching away at your garden vegetables. Oh, and you know those diabolical little mouse-like rodents called voles that can damage your lawn and garden? Daffodils are also good at “vole control!”

Holly Shrubs

With a deer population of 290,000 this year, Maine has approximately 1 deer for every 4 humans! And that may mean you’ve seen one or more of these beautiful creatures trying to nibble at your garden vegetables or flowers. While no flower or shrub is 100 percent fool-proof, holly shrubs are a solid go-to choice for deterring deer. Deer also generally dislike aromatic or pungent plants, including those that have milky sap or a bitter taste.


Want to repel deer, rabbits, AND annoying insects? Gorgeous, purple-hued lavender might be your ticket. Used as a holy herb in ancient times, lavender is the perfect plant to keep pests away. The very elements that you and your flower bed love about lavender—its loveliness and fragrance—also serve to keep deer, rabbits, and other pests at bay. Larger varieties can be used as a hedge or small shrub to “border-in” other perennials, annuals, and vegetables that might attract critters. Proving its immense value as a “way to keep pests away,” lavender also repels most insects, including fleas, moths, and mosquitoes.


Commonly known as mums, chrysanthemums are one of Maine’s most popular annual fall flowers. These resplendent late bloomers add lovely splashes of white, yellow, red, burgundy, and purple to garden beds. And while they’re at it, they also do a bang-up job repelling ticks, fleas, ants, Japanese beetles, and many other insects.


Especially perfect for our Maine climate, beautiful, soft-blue hydrangeas can bloom as early as June and frequently maintain their beauty even into early winter. Many destructive insects—even detested Japanese beetles—are repelled by hydrangeas. Even better, hydrangeas can ATTRACT beneficial insects that eat some of the unwanted insects in your garden.

The Maine real estate market is sizzling hot, and there has never been a better time to buy, sell, or build your dream house in Maine, complemented by a pest-free garden and lawn. For friendly, professional real estate service, we invite you to contact us today.


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