Unless you’ve been shipwrecked on a desert island for the past 12 months, you’ve probably heard that the Maine real estate market has been pretty sweet during that time. But what’s the current situation? What’s the real estate outlook for the rest of 2021?  And what does all this mean for YOU?

Skyrocketing House-Seller’s Market Continues

As we shared with you a few weeks ago, powerful, once-in-a-lifetime factors have made it a CRAZY-strong house-seller’s market in Maine. When you sell your house now, you enjoy all the mega-benefits house sellers in the past could only dream of, including all-time high prices … less competition from other sellers … and what Mainebiz reported as “surging demand” that has people “snapping up houses in Maine.”

This astonishingly robust market continues unabated. As just reported by Maine Listings, home sales in Maine just skyrocketed another 16.81 percent in March 2021 over March 2020. Meanwhile, the statewide median sales price of a home in Maine leapt to $268,500, an increase of 17.79 percent compared to one year previous.  Here in the Lewiston-Auburn area (Androscoggin County) specifically, home sales also surged by double-digits—up 17.48 percent in the past 12 months.  Making this trend even sweeter for home sellers was that the average days-on-market for a Maine home dropped at a jaw-dropping rate—from an average of 48 days in March 2020 to just 11 days in March 2021.

Living Where You Want to Live: In Maine

So it’s clear the home seller’s market in Maine remains white-hot—and that it likely can benefit you, as a seller, throughout 2021. But what about the flip side? What’s the Maine real estate outlook for home BUYERS?

Answer in a nutshell: Interest is sky-high and State-of-Maine wide.

Citing statistics from Google Trends, the Lewiston Sun Journal reported on April 9, 2021, that “internet searches for the phrases ‘Should I buy a house’ and ‘Sell my house’ are at an all-time high. In Maine, the housing market is booming.”

In our recent blog “Surprising Ways COVID Changed Maine Real Estate,” we shed light on one of the most powerful factors driving the desire to buy a home in Maine—the age-old dream of living where you WANT to live. With such things as Zoom and teleworking dramatically shifting the professional landscape—and Baby Boomers retiring in record numbers—thousands of people are stepping up and finally acting on their long-pent-up desire to move to one of the safest, most beautiful, most charming places in the world—Maine. And with more and more home sellers taking advantage of the white-hot market and listing their homes, your dream of buying a home in Maine is becoming more and more likely.  

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