Powerful, once-in-a-lifetime factors have made it a CRAZY-strong, house-seller’s market in Maine. When you sell your house now, you’ll be enjoying all the mega-benefits house sellers in the past could only dream of, including all-time high prices … less competition from other sellers … and what Mainebiz just reported as “surging demand” that has people “snapping up houses in Maine.”

Let’s take 2 minutes to dive into why this moment offers such an incredible opportunity for house sellers—and why you should take advantage of it and sell your house NOW.

Major “Sell Your House” Advantages

As we pointed out in our recent blog, “3 Powerful Reasons to Sell Your House During the Pandemic,” the COVID-19 situation has resulted in unforeseen—and highly beneficial—advantages for you when you sell your house. Have you ever hiked in the woods and watched 3 powerful mountain streams come together? That’s what this dynamic house-sellers’ market is like. In this case, the 3 powerful streams are:

Fewer Houses On The Market

As home sellers pulled back amid economic uncertainty, the inventory of houses on the market in Maine plummeted. So “sell your house” now means “compete with far fewer sellers.”

Home Prices Skyrocketing

Fewer houses has meant a resulting catapulting of house prices. In fact, as just reported by the website Maine Listings, which is owned by the Maine Association of Realtors, the median price of a home in Maine has now leapt 20 percent “to $270,000, from $225,000 a year ago.”

Highly Motivated Buyers

The explosive combination of all-time low interest rates—coupled with COVID protocols that have weeded-out “casual shoppers”—has left a situation in which highly motivated buyers rule the roost. Homes are also selling FASTER now, because they often are being bought up by highly motivated folks from “away” who, during the pandemic, are fulfilling long-held dreams of living in Maine.

Your Brighter Future Can Be NOW

Whether you dream of moving to a smaller, more manageable house … moving closer to family and friends … or moving to a more financially-secure situation – where you can “bank” good money from the sale of your house, NOW is the picture-perfect time for you to sell your house. When you want to do that—or buy or build your dream home—we invite you to contact us.

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