If “home downsizing” sounds awfully good to you, you’re not alone. All across our state, Mainers are finding that home downsizing delivers precisely the lifestyle enhancements they’re looking for: an easier-to-manage home … reduced monthly costs … lower property taxes … lower insurance payments.

But here’s the critical question: How do you do it the right way? The answer lies in two key areas: What to think about beforehand, and then what to do.

What to Think About Beforehand

Set aside a block of time, get out a pad and paper, and start to reflect on this: How much space do I (or we) actually NEED? Which bedrooms, closets, storage spaces, etc., do we no longer need or hardly ever use at our current home? Mentally walk through your house, step-by-step, “deleting” areas you no longer need.

The next question to ask yourself is: Which areas do we still need, but could “shrink”? For example, you still need a kitchen, but could a smaller one work just as well?

By asking yourself these questions—and answering as honestly as you can—you’ll begin to draw up a basic plan for envisioning a home that’s “exactly the right amount of house” for you.

What To Do

The greatest single mistake people make when downsizing is to fail to downsize the POSSESSIONS they’ll be moving. Why move to a perfect-size new home if that new home will be so cluttered you can’t enjoy its benefits? So—BEFORE you move—go into overdrive regarding downsizing all the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years. We’re talking about boxes in closets … furniture in rarely-used rooms … those myriad items in lofts and shelves and closets and … well, you get it. Think of this time as a golden opportunity to finally free yourself of all that!

Luckily, there are many ways you can rid yourself of unneeded possessions. Run used furniture, clothing, etc., to Goodwill or to a local Habitat for Humanity Store or homeless shelter. You’ll feel great about your donation on two levels: you’ll be helping others, as you simplify your life and prepare for the abundant benefits of downsizing your home!

If home downsizing sounds awfully good to you, we’d love to discuss with you the benefits of affordable, easy-to-take-care-of modular homes in the Lewiston-Auburn area, including the popular Brookdale Village, which has new sites available this spring. We invite you to contact us today!

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