5 Best Springtime Home-Improvement Projects 

If you’re hoping to sell your house this spring—or simply planning to “hand it down” to family someday—the fastest way to enhance its attractiveness and value is through springtime home-improvement projects.    

So which specific home-improvement projects should you tackle? Here’s a list of 5 relatively easy ones that deliver great home value enhancement—starting with the 2 easiest …

Install a New Mailbox

Seems ridiculously easy, right? But a new mailbox—or an upgraded old one—can add real personality to your front yard. Consider painting it a new color, or planting lovely flowers around its base. Your new or refreshed mailbox will amp up curb appeal—allowing you to offer a first-rate first impression.

Add a New Address Display

Many people never think of this, but upgrading the number display on your home is a great way to personalize and brighten up your doorway. Best of all, there are lots of ways to do it. You can get inspired by spring and put your address on colorful planters, “go artsy” using colorful painted bricks or tile, or do “a number” of other creative things.  

Stain Your Deck

Okay, so this involves more work than the first two ideas, but springtime means spending more time outdoors, and a freshly stained, upgraded deck is your ticket for doing just that. So if your deck is looking a bit “rough,” one easy home-improvement project is to stain it, either with a new color or with a colorless application to accentuate the wood grain. (Staining is also just plain good for your deck!)

Add a New Porch Rail

Does your front or back porch look a bit drab? Adding a new railing can take it from ho-hum to pretty-darn-awesome. And once again, you have a full range of options to choose from—a classic, natural wood-tone railing, a colored one to lend visual interest, and much more. 

Enhance Your Window Boxes

From now through September, when nights won’t be too cold, you can enhance window boxes with gorgeous annual flowers such as wave petunias and geraniums. If you have a front porch, you can put hooks up for hanging flower baskets, or use “shepherd’s hooks,” which are the large flower-basket hooks you put in the ground in front of your porch. Either way, you’ll be adding a tasteful touch of class to your home, and enhancing its value at the same time!

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