Here’s a one-question pop quiz whose answer may shock and amaze you:

Question:  What percentage of GLOBAL greenhouse gas emissions are the result of BUILDINGS ALONE in the U.S.?

Answer: Nearly 40 percent. (Source: Fine Homebuilding Magazine)

If you are like most Mainers or wannabe Mainers—who share a deep love of nature, the outdoors, and the environment—this stunning statistic likely shows you how critical it is to start building “sustainability” into your house … to start taking small but important steps to turn your abode into a green home.


What Exactly is “Sustainability”?

Sustainable Home Magazine defines a “sustainable home” or “green home” as “an efficient home that’s built or retrofitted in a way that respects resources, optimizes energy and water use, and will last longer with quality systems.” As folks who have been building high-quality homes in Maine for 50 years, we believe this is very important, and wanted to share the following specific, practical ways you can achieve greater sustainability in YOUR home …


Upgrade Your Home’s Insulation

Unless you are super-handy yourself, ask a professional for his or her advice regarding relatively easy but important energy-efficiency improvements, such as foam-injection, blown-in attic insulation, and other options for insulating ceilings, walls, and floors.


Replace Older Light Bulbs with LED or CFL Bulbs

Offering significantly longer bulb life, LED or CFL bulbs are also 80 percent more environmentally friendly. Definitely worth the switch!


Draft-Proof Windows and Doors

By replacing leaky weather-stripping and using foam tape to cover cracks, you can eliminate gaps that hike your heating and air-conditioning bills and that cause greater harm to the environment.


Enhance Your Blinds and Curtains

Newer, “green home blinds and curtains” can add genuine insulation value around windows by cutting drafts and reflecting back solar energy.


Install Solar Panels

You can generate some of the electricity for your home by installing solar panels. You’ll be powering your homes with a clean energy source that emits less carbon emissions.


Clean Your Refrigerator’s Coils

Your refrigerator will help you achieve greater sustainability when you keep the coils on the back free of grime and dust. This will help it draw significantly less power.


Install an Environmentally-Friendly Filter in Your Washing Machine

By doing this to your washing machine, you’ll be ensuring that you aren’t adding microplastics to the environment. You can also do this to filter your tap water, making it healthier and more eco-friendly.


Wash Your Clothes with Cold Water

Today’s modern detergents and high-efficiency washers clean your clothes without requiring hot water. And there’s a fashion bonus, too: Your clothes will look sharper and newer significantly longer.


Use Smart Power Strips

If electrical devices are plugged in, they continue to use energy even when not in use. But smart power strips can actually cut power off and help you save energy, since they are able to detect when a device is in standby mode.

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