If you are totally hip to All Things Cool and Comfortable, you likely already know what a “she-shed” is. But—just in case you don’t—we thought we’d kick off this post with a picture-perfect definition of “she-shed” recently offered by Realtor.com Deputy Editor Judy Dutton.  Here’s what Judy said:

“A she-shed is the female equivalent of a man cave—a refuge where she can escape from her spouse, whiny kids, work, and other responsibilities
and just chill on her own.”


Just in Time for Mother’s Day

Since your mom is certifiably amazing, she deserves a Mother’s Day gift this year that will truly touch and impress her. If she’s like most mothers, she spends much of her time caring for and nurturing others. She undoubtedly loves doing that—but it can mean “peace and quiet” may be high on her list of “Things I Would Love, But I Never Talk About.” And that’s where her own she-shed comes in. A she-shed can become Mom’s beautiful, serene sanctuary where she can thoroughly enjoy her favorite pastimes—or simply “decompress” in her own peaceful kingdom (make that queendom).

Great Ways to Use a She-Shed

So what are some of the most satisfying ways your mom might use her she-shed? Actually, the sky’s the limit, but here are some classic ways lots of women make use of theirs:

  •  Gardening … If Mom is like countless women in Maine, she’s in love with gardening and the outdoors. But sometimes finding a suitable spot for her flower pots, garden tools, mulch/potting soil, and seeds can be a challenge. With her she-shed doubling as her garden shed, she’ll have plenty of room, and not have to worry about things cluttering up the garage or basement.
  • Crafting … Imagine all Mom’s craft, painting, sewing, knitting, pottery-making, or similar supplies moved into a wonderful she-shed especially designed for her hobby or pastime. Mom will love it! She’ll especially appreciate knowing she can stop in the middle of a project and not worry about it being disturbed while she’s away.
  • Yoga, Other Exercise, Meditation … Carving out time to go to the gym or community recreation center can be challenging. So imagine how much Mom would love her own exercise and/or meditation space she can “commute to” in just seconds? By installing a yoga mat, free weights, a stationary bike, and/or a treadmill, you’ll be helping Mom enjoy the ultimate free, revitalizing activity.
  • Reading and Just “Hanging” … Whether your mom loves curling up with a good book, hanging out with friends, napping, or meditating, her she-shed will be the perfect way to let her escape from the rat race. So consider offering her this best-ever gift this Mother’s Day!


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